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Having traveled and worked throughout Italy, including in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Calabria, I'm proud to have the opportunity to ensure that Aventine provides the most authentic food experience for our guests.

Italian food is one of my favorite cuisines specifically because of its simplicity. But simplicity requires using the highest-quality ingredients to get it right. Our focused menu allows us to pay attention to the smallest details, which pays off enormously in the end result: simply delicious food!

As Chef and General Manager, I personally select every ingredient we use, such as:

  • Unfiltered EVOO from Sardinia
  • The finest Italian imported meats and cheeses are chosen specifically for the quality of the animals from region to region
  • Only DOP San Marzano tomatoes
  • Our signature pizza dough made in-house from hand-milled Italian Flour
  • Fresh bread delivered daily from one of San Francisco's top bakeries

Aventine isn't a restaurant that happens to have a great bar. We are an amazing bar that happens to serve exceptional food made from the best ingredients and with the love and heart of an Italian grandmother. Welcome to our home!

Chef Gillian Caballero